The Future Of (Food) Reality TV

In a fit of insom­niac insan­ity, I found myself watch­ing the new Spike TV series “Bar Res­cue”, and it got me think­ing. That series, and “Restau­rant Impos­si­ble”, “Kitchen Night­mares”, “Hotel Impos­si­ble”, “Mys­tery Din­ers”, and the oth­ers all deal with bail­ing out fail­ing busi­nesses run by peo­ple who may not have made the right career call­ing in the first place, yet they’re brought back from the brink of dis­as­ter by a team that works around the clock to pull off the impos­si­ble in just a few days.

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Empire Avenue

Yet another exper­i­ment on the vir­tual fron­tier:  a stock mar­ket where you, your brand, and your con­tent, are the com­mod­ity.  I must say that I’m intrigued with Empire Avenue, and am going to have some fun explor­ing it.

Oh, yeah, and I hate to bother y’all, but I need to post this to ver­ify my blog with them:  {EAV:aa1b3740553184ad}

There.  All bet­ter now.

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William Walter: 1926 — 2012

I just returned from my sec­ond funeral so far this year, this one for my other uncle who suc­cumbed to Parkinson’s last week­end.  Hav­ing 2 “Uncle Bill“‘s in the fam­ily may seem con­fus­ing at first, but it was eas­ily rec­ti­fied with the cre­ative appli­ca­tion of occu­pa­tional title:  “Uncle Bill” was my mother’s brother (the deputy sher­iff), while “Dr. Bill” was my dad’s brother.  And he was, indeed a doc­tor, of the “old school” vari­ety: a “GP” or “Gen­eral Prac­ti­tioner”.  In short, he was a fam­ily doc­tor … heck, he was our family’s doctor.

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William Kelm: 1941 — 2012

My par­ents called this after­noon, with the news that my uncle had passed away.  He’d been bat­tling ill­ness for some time but, ulti­mately, his body gave out.  Sud­den, but peace­ful.  While I’m sad for his pass­ing, I’m relieved that his suf­fer­ing is finally over.  I’ll leave the obit­u­ary writ­ers to offer all the genealog­i­cal details, and sim­ply relate a cou­ple fond mem­o­ries of the man I knew grow­ing up.

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