Yearly Archive:: 2002


Went to Cirque Du Soleil‘s Alegria last night. If you’ve never been to a Cirque show … go. Any special you’ve seen on television pales in comparison to experiencing the real thing. Watching a trapeze act immediately

Where has Summer Gone?

I look up, and suddenly we’re into August … man … where’d July go?

Internet Radio: The End Begins

Radio station KPIG, one of the long-time online streaming sources, announced yesterday that they’re pulling the plug on their live webcasts in light of the latest ruling from the illustrious Copyright Office. Sadly, I see this as the

So, some forms of guerilla cyberwar are acceptable?

Caught an article on Tech Live, talking about how bogus MP3’s of popular music tracks are appearing on filesharing services. While the recording industry is playing silent, the RIAA’s come out endorsing the practice. And a politician

The Experiment Begins …

Been meaning to get this section up and running for some time. The concept of blogging has always intrigued me … and apparently as I get older I’m getting more opinionated and less concerned about keeping quiet.