Jul 15, 2002 - opinion    No Comments

So, some forms of guerilla cyberwar are acceptable?

Caught an article on Tech Live, talking about how bogus MP3’s of popular music tracks are appearing on filesharing services. While the recording industry is playing silent, the RIAA’s come out endorsing the practice.

And a politician from California is sponsoring a bill that would make this legal!

What the … ???

Ok, I’ll readily admit that whenever Congress steps into cyberspace, they are the proverbial 400 pound … well … dodo (I can’t do that to guerillas). I mean, stop and think about this: a law making it legal for copyright owners to post/upload bogus versions of their content to services they feel are or would post/upload legit versions of their content (legit but violating their copyright).

Now, just sit for a minute and let that sink in. Make any sense to you? Didn’t think so. Your head hurt yet? I know why: you’re wondering when it became illegal for you (as the copyright holder) to post alternative versions of your own content?

Who’s going to sue you? Yourself?

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