Yearly Archive:: 2004

Atkins is counting its own carbs … and laying off employees

In a recent release, Atkins (the ‘low carb’ giant) announced it would be laying laying off an undisclosed number of its 370 employees (check it out here). This came out after an anouncement the previous day about

Maybe everything just vibrates …

If you’re up for an interesting read, check out Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos, a delightfully mentally stretching romp through the worlds of relativity, quantum physics, and cosmology. I’ve got the book on CD (compliements

So it does, but it doesn’t (at least, we don’t think so)

Compliments of an incredibly stupid maneuver Friday I’ve endured some sort of muscle spasm in my back for the past couple days. Not a comfortable situation, but (with the aid of modern science) one that can be

The (French) Kitchen’s Closed …

Julia Child passed on in her sleep last night, according to her publisher (here‘s a link to the story on MSNBC). She was 91. I’d love to say “I met her once …” and relate a touching,

Give "Quake ‘n Bake" a Whole New Meaning …

Here’s the ultimate gift for the chef/geek (or is that geek chef) in your life. Play Unreal … frag friends … make muffins … and never leave the keyboard.