Yearly Archive:: 2005

How I Love (Pod|Vid)casting

Extended holiday weekend … a chance to catch up on a variety of things. Given the options of: Watching regular television Watching movies on cable Watching DVDs Watching Video-on-Demand (VOD) Watching/Listening to Vidcasts (videoblogs) or podcasts I

Corteo: The Show Moves On

I finally went to see Corteo this afternoon, catching the last show before it leaves Minneapolis and heads for San Fransicso. As I said back when Alegria was in town, if you ever have the opportunity to

Podcasting vs. 500 Cable Channels … the winner? (psst … it ain’t cable)

Catching up on my podcasts (I listen to way too many of them … but I can’t help myself), I’m listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code for September 22 right now, as Adam’s doing a bit

The Universe Is Huge. What We Are … Isn’t

If you’ve ever wanted to know how big/old/whatever the universe is … now we know.  So, the answers to questions that have been plaguing scientists (and the occasional quiz show) are as follows: 13.7 billion years old

When mixing JavaScript and XML, sometimes things act strangely

I was tweaking a script I use to manage podcasts (bridging the gap between iPodder and WinAmp), I needed a date formatting function. No problem, the DateFormatter from is an excellent module (if you need date