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Sep 18, 2005 - observations    No Comments

Sit Yer Fat Butt Down … and Eat!

Catching up on my SciFi Channel watching tonight, I’ve seen (more than once … but that’s a different rant) Burger King‘s latest ad campaign, featuring the return of Dr. Angus (Harry Enfield).  You know the character:

  • (too) perfect teeth
  • “sloppy” speech (much like Patrick over at Nobody Likes Onions)
  • Hair only Wink Martindale’s mother could love
  • bit of a paunch

Yep … that’s the guy (I’ve gotta give Enfield credit, he does a great job with this character).  And the focus of this latest campaign, the crux of Dr. Angus’ latest “empower yourself through beef” movement?  Power Sitting:  the power of the Angus to enable you to sit … and enjoy things … like hamburgers that require two hands and a forklift to maneuver.

Now, on one hand, I find the concept cute … on the other hand, I’ve gotta ask myself one question:

“With all the concern with obesity in America, doesn’t an obviously overweight man encouraging people to partake of inactivity while they eat hamburgers the size of their own heads … seem contradictory … or maybe just plain wrong?”