Oct 1, 2005 - science    No Comments

The Universe Is Huge. What We Are … Isn’t

If you’ve ever wanted to know how big/old/whatever the universe is … now we know.  So, the answers to questions that have been plaguing scientists (and the occasional quiz show) are as follows:

  • 13.7 billion years old (accurate to 1%)
  • 73% dark energy, 23% cold dark matter, 4% atoms
  • Expanding at 71 km/sec/Mpc (accurate to 5%)
  • Expand Forever

Now we know.  Man … we (i.e. that which you and I actually see in this universe) are only 4% of what’s there … ponder that the next time you encounter some self-important person who thinks the world of themselves, their beliefs, or their causes …

… it’ll help you put them in perspective.


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