Gambling? That’s ALL You Can Think of Fixing?

So … while:

  • In a Colorado school, a man shoots and kills a 16 year old girl before taking his own life, THEN
  • In a Wisconsin school, a student fatally shoots his principal for reprimanding him for tobacco, THEN
  • In Pennsylvania, a man shoots and kills 5 children in an Amish schoolhouse

All in less than a week. And, right smack-dab in the middle of this spree of school shootings, our ever-vigilant federal government passes legislation in an attempt to shut down internet gambling. In the midst of all the back-slapping and jockeying for sound bite coverage proclaiming their support of this “important” legislation … you don’t hear one word from these chuckle heads about anything else. I guess children being murdered in school isn’t a pre-election priority (like it’s any more a post-election priority … yeah, right).

Way to go, Congress! Woo Woo … you’re really going after the critical issues of our time! Society as we know it would cease to exist if it weren’t for you.

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