Gambling? That’s ALL You Can Think of Fixing?

So … while:

  • In a Colorado school, a man shoots and kills a 16 year old girl before taking his own life, THEN
  • In a Wisconsin school, a student fatally shoots his principal for reprimanding him for tobacco, THEN
  • In Pennsylvania, a man shoots and kills 5 children in an Amish schoolhouse

All in less than a week. And, right smack-dab in the middle of this spree of school shootings, our ever-vigilant federal government passes legislation in an attempt to shut down internet gambling. In the midst of all the back-slapping and jockeying for sound bite coverage proclaiming their support of this “important” legislation … you don’t hear one word from these chuckle heads about anything else. I guess children being murdered in school isn’t a pre-election priority (like it’s any more a post-election priority … yeah, right).

Way to go, Congress! Woo Woo … you’re really going after the critical issues of our time! Society as we know it would cease to exist if it weren’t for you.

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A Clear and Present Danger … ???

The government wants carte blanche to arrest, detain, and torture suspected terrorists (in the name of National Security and protecting Americans and the American Way of Life … naturally) … yet, we seem completely incapable of protecting Americans from clear and obvious threats from other Americans.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … “We did what we could.”  Bullshit … though I’m sure that line makes the Sheriff in that county sleep better at night, as it absolves him (and the rest of his staff) of responsibility.

My point is this:  We’re so afriad of being attacked from without … we’re ignoring the fact that we’re being destroyed from within …

… and noone wants to own up to it.