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And the Award for ‘Best Implementation of a Double Standard’ goes to the American Legal System!

And I’m not just talking about judges, lawyers, law enforcement, no sir! I’m including regular American citizens … specifically Minnesotans! Let me explain: Supporting Case #1: PhotoCop In an effort to cut down on people running red

‘Tis Talkin’ Time Again, Me Lads

Shiver me timbers, kiss the black spot!

"What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander."

At least, that’s the way the adage goes. Apparently, the contemporary equivalent is “If it worked for the RIAA and they didn’t get busted for extortion, then it should work for the MPAA with the same level

Is it just me?

Has Google Reader become slower than crap lately? Try to add a feed, and it wanders off into no-man’s land. Use Firefox, flip between tabs, and it takes upwards of a minute to come back to the

And I thought the media was bad

Ok, so I absolutely detest the feeding frenzy the media’s been in around last Wednesday’s collapse of the 35W bridge here in town. I’m even disappointed with how MPR’s gone FoxNews with inanely repetitve reporting, leading questions,