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And the Award for ‘Best Implementation of a Double Standard’ goes to the American Legal System!

And I’m not just talk­ing about judges, lawyers, law enforce­ment, no sir! I’m includ­ing reg­u­lar Amer­i­can cit­i­zens … specif­i­cally Min­nesotans! Let me explain:

Sup­port­ing Case #1: PhotoCop

In an effort to cut down on peo­ple run­ning red lights and caus­ing acci­dents (like, for instance, the idiot that ran a light and crashed into a school­bus injur­ing 6 peo­ple), Min­neapo­lis installed auto­matic cam­eras at inter­sec­tions that would snap a pic­ture of any vehi­cle that ran a red light. The snapped license plate was then used to track down the owner of the car, who was sent a traf­fic ticket. Makes sense, and it net­ted the city around $2.5 mil­lion in fines … until peo­ple whined and a judge declared the sys­tem ille­gal: Just because the car was break­ing the law doesn’t mean that the owner of it was behind the wheel and (there­fore) should not be held responsible.

Ok … think­ing about that, I can see that logic … to a point, though frankly, if you gave your car to some­one who broke the law, are you really free from blame … even if only to be blamed as an idiot? And what if you gave your car to the same offender again? How smart does that really make you? But, I digress.

The point: Because you can’t see the per­son behind the wheel to ver­ify that it is indeed the owner of the car, you can­not hold the owner respon­si­ble for any­thing that vehi­cle is involved in. Hold that thought.

Case #2: Jam­mie Thomas

In a recent deci­sion by a Duluth, MN, jury, a woman was found guilty of ille­gally shar­ing music … to the tune of $222,000 in fines (I would have linked to the Star Tri­bune, but they’re expect­ing you to sign up for the con­tent and I don’t tol­er­ate those retarded games … nice one “STrib”, you loose to the BBC). Why so much money? Because the RIAA (AKA “Music Mafia Run Amok”) claims that the ser­vice they enlisted to track down evil music shar­ers traced ille­gal peer-2-peer shar­ing activ­ity back to a cer­tain IP address … said IP address being fur­ther traced to the com­puter in Jammie’s home. Can they prove that she either was phys­i­cally sit­ting at the com­puter per­form­ing the illicit act? No. Can the prove that she set up the shar­ing soft­ware? No.

But, appar­ently, in this case, it’s not nec­es­sary to be caught in the act. That you own the offend­ing machin­ery is good enough?

Say what? Doesn’t this strike you as even mildly con­tra­dic­tory? It’s ok not to be account­able when your vehi­cle poten­tially kills some­one, yet woe be unto you if the RIAA lev­els a claim against you they can’t prove you phys­i­cally did. I’ve always believed that the win­ters here in Min­nesota have an adverse affect on the abil­ity of humans to think rationally.

I can’t help but won­der what that Duluth jury was think­ing … assum­ing they even thought at all about it.

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What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

At least, that’s the way the adage goes.

Appar­ently, the con­tem­po­rary equiv­a­lent is “If it worked for the RIAA and they didn’t get busted for extor­tion, then it should work for the MPAA with the same level of crim­i­nal immu­nity.” I think I’m going to be sick.

Can we at least turn the tables? Can we demand that they stop pay­ing Hol­ly­wood actors incred­i­ble sums of money for crap movies and we promise to still go see them from time to time?

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Is it just me?

Has Google Reader become slower than crap lately? Try to add a feed, and it wan­ders off into no-man’s land. Use Fire­fox, flip between tabs, and it takes upwards of a minute to come back to the Reader tab.

Some­times it works, some­times it doesn’t.

Google … hello? You been “improv­ing things?”

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And I thought the media was bad

Ok, so I absolutely detest the feed­ing frenzy the media’s been in around last Wednesday’s col­lapse of the 35W bridge here in town. I’m even dis­ap­pointed with how MPR’s gone FoxNews with inanely repetitve report­ing, lead­ing ques­tions, and dubi­ous “experts”.

But … that all pales in com­par­i­son to this joker, who fur­ther rein­forces my com­pre­hen­sive dis­gust with orga­nized religion.

Fred, got a bit of advice for you: stay the $#@!% away from our city and our state. Your idi­otic, moronic, child­ish, brain-dead, headline-grabbing, pathetic excuse for reli­gious intel­li­gence should stay right where you are, with the rest of the idiots.

Bet­ter yet, come on up! Bring your entire con­gre­ga­tion of losers, so we can throw your sorry, stu­pid asses in jail!

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