Aug 2, 2007 - local, stupidity    No Comments

I’m fine

I wasn’t near downtown with this happened last evening. While my heart goes out to those who’ve either lost loved ones or just don’t know yet, I’m growing more and more irritated at the media, even public radio, who apparently has decided that the Fox News method of reporting is the most effective way to go. Then again, they’re no better or worse than the massive number of gawkers flocking to the site just to watch and hopefully witness a wee bit of carnage (and, even better, if they can film it and get it up on YouTube).

You want a good example of how low our species has started to stoop? Watch the media feeding frenzy, the litigation bloodlust, and the repetitive, inane mutterings of one “expert” after another over the next few weeks.

It’s a tragedy, yes. Let’s treat it, and those affected by it, with the dignity and respect they deserve, let the authorities get on with the unenviable task of sorting it all out … and get on with life.

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