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Way To Go, Government!

Today we have not one but two “WTF Were You Thinking?” (for those of you keen on acronyms, the proper pronunciation is “WHIT-FWHIT”) Awards to give out today.

The first award goes to the Governor and Legislature of the state of Minnesota, for determining (after a collection of super secret meetings, probably involving Munchkin cards) that the only way to close a $5 budget gap is to shut the government and much of what it funds down. Like the state parks … right before the holiday weekend. Absolutely brilliant!

Our second WTFWYT is presented to the Governor and Legislature of the state of California for imposing a sales tax law (basically saying, “If you’re an Amazon affiliate in California, you must collect sales tax from out of state customers”) that made Amazon drop all of it’s California affiliates, which could suck hundreds of millions of dollars out of their economy. New York state tried a similar thing back in 2008, but started the process to repeal the law a month later.  Texas tried a slightly different ploy, causing Amazon to shut down it’s Irving, TX distribution center.  Apparently, California took the tried and true “Oh, yeah? But, that’s on the East Coast. We do things differently here.” stance.

Bravo, people. Well done. Truly a great example of childish stupidity taken to the next level. This is indeed a red-letter day.

Will there be future WTFWYT’s? Absolutely! In fact, I’ve got two scenarios warming up in the bullpen that might just pull it off:

Scenario 1: The President and the U.S. Congress bicker, whine, blame, and pretty much slack off until August and the country defaults on its loans.

Scenario 2: California retaliates against Amazon by passing new legislation that requires Amazon to sign up every illegal alien in the state as an affiliate, thereby solving two problems: increased cash flow and immigration control.

We’ll see.

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