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Empire Avenue

Yet another experiment on the virtual frontier:  a stock market where you, your brand, and your content, are the commodity.  I must say that I’m intrigued with Empire Avenue, and am going to have some fun exploring it.

Oh, yeah, and I hate to bother y’all, but I need to post this to verify my blog with them:  {EAV:aa1b3740553184ad}

There.  All better now.

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William Walter: 1926 — 2012

I just returned from my second funeral so far this year, this one for my other uncle who succumbed to Parkinson’s last weekend.  Having 2 “Uncle Bill”‘s in the family may seem confusing at first, but it was easily rectified with the creative application of occupational title:  “Uncle Bill” was my mother’s brother (the deputy sheriff), while “Dr. Bill” was my dad’s brother.  And he was, indeed a doctor, of the “old school” variety: a “GP” or “General Practitioner”.  In short, he was a family doctor … heck, he was our family’s doctor.

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