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Aug 23, 2006 - blogging    No Comments

Blogger beta? Bugger! I’m bugging out!

As you may or may not know, Blogger’s getting an upgrade, Google-style. Currently, the new version of Blogger’s in beta … and Google’s only letting a handful of blogs convert over. While the possibilities are exciting (Google has done practically nothing with Blogger/Blogspot since they bought it), if this runs anything like Google Analytics did up until recently (limited access, could never get in, could never get an account because they didn’t have capacity), I’m not impressed.

In fact, I’m moving … at least for the time being. I’ve set up a new blog over here, and will be redirecting the feedburner feed in that direction shortly (those of you connected via feedburner shouldn’t have to change a thing). If you’re connected to the blogspot Atom feed, however, you’re gonna want to shift.

Meandering’s has a new home.

Aug 31, 2005 - blogging    No Comments

Every Blog Has Its Day

Every blog has its day, and that it happens to be today. Yep, that’s right, today is BlogDay 2005, when bloggers around the world are to link to 5 new blogs. Interesting concept, in that it gets you to “think outside the blog” … or, at least, the blogosphere you’re familiar with.

So, without further adieu, here are some new blogs I’ve stumbled across:

  • For the science-minded, check out the Physics Blog. Everything from noteworthy news to poetry.
  • “It’s a dog’s life” is more than a phrase over at the Beagle Chronicles.
  • Everybody’s got to have a hobby. If numismatics is yours, swing by hobbyblog.
  • For those of you who simply cannot get enough of your celebrity chefs (Gordon Ramsay’s so cute when he’s mad, don’t you think?), there’s SuperChef Blog.
  • For you Oracle-fanciers (I’m talking about the database, people! Sheesh), and some insight from one of Oracle’s best insiders, check out the Tom Kyte Blog.

So, get out there, get clicking, and check out more blogs!
Aug 26, 2005 - blogging    No Comments

Fnord + Blogger = Fnordder? … Flogger? … Blnorder?

Taken from the Wikipedia entry:

A fnord is disinformation or irrelevant information intending to misdirect, with the implication of a conspiracy.

Just think back to some of the colorful mixed metaphors attributed to Ross Perot, and you’ll get the general idea.

What’s this have to do with blogging? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Whilst catching up on the feeds in my aggregator (I’m currently using Newzie, which is definitely worth checking out), I came across an article on Blogger hacks. This led me to Stephane Hamel’s article on embedding a dynamic random quote with javascript.
  2. I used to have a Fnorder (code that generated Fnords) on my old site (one of these days, I’ll get around to bringing the “lab” back online … maybe), written in PHP. If you’re interested, you can pick up the script from Steve Jackson Games.
  3. I grabbed a copy of the PHP … converted it to Javascript … voila! The quote in black (above) changes each the page is loaded … and it’s a “fnord”.

Go ahead and refresh to see for yourself. You can download the javascript here.