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Jul 11, 2005 - miscellany    No Comments

‘Bout Time …

Yeah, it’s about time I get this sucker moving again. Sorry, spent the last week trying to get several different projects tied off. Moving sites around, consolidating stuff (it’s amazing how much crap I’ve got strung out all over the internet … guess that makes me a “digital packrat” … or a “byte-rat” … something like that).

I should have life back to normal again this week.

Jul 11, 2002 - miscellany    No Comments

The Experiment Begins …

Been meaning to get this section up and running for some time. The concept of blogging has always intrigued me … and apparently as I get older I’m getting more opinionated and less concerned about keeping quiet.

I spent some time looking at the many options to blog out there and settled on Movable Type for a couple reasons:

  • I wanted to be able to run this blog off my own server (an opportunity to play and explore)
  • It’s in Perl, a language I know
  • It’s free, and with this being my own little corner of the world, why pay for the right to excercise free speech?

Finally, this is yet another experiment, in that I’m using MT to generate ASP.NET pages (taking advantage of .NET’s coding capabilities). What that means to this app is pretty limited right now … but we’ll see.