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Apr 13, 2007 - media, observations, politics, tv    No Comments

Don Imus Leaves the Airwaves. So?

I must say, I’m a bit ambivalent.  MSNBC dropped their simulcast, CBS fired him, the media’s “analysts” can’t stop talking about it, Al Sharpton claims a victory, Rutgers accepts his apology … and I can’t help but think:

“Are we going to consistently treat everyone who uses racially improper speech with an equal amount of vitriol and retribution?” 

If so, then good.  If not, then how many of those loudly screaming now will be silent the next time?

I really hate jumping in on major public brawls like this.  Everybody who’s anybody (and plenty of people who aren’t) have already opened (and will continue to open) their mouths.  But there’s another issue here that’s being marginalized:  “What happens the next time?”

Whether Imus went too far or not isn’t the issue moving forward, consistency of response is.

Nov 21, 2006 - media, tv    No Comments

Ok, the cheerleader’s saved … now what?

I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to Heroes, the new “X-Men-kinda-sorta-with-a-twist-and-we-ALSO-have-a-comic-book” series currently airing on NBC. Tonight was (supposed) to be the night that we all learned what was meant by the show’s catch phrase:

Save the cheerleader … save the world …

I watched it and (like all previous episodes) it was well written. But … I’m still waiting: the cheerleader’s been saved … what about the world?

I hate marketing hype that blatantly lies.  But, I hate myself even more for believing it.

Aug 2, 2005 - ideas, tv    No Comments

Reality (TV), the Next Generation

Last night, Hell’s Kitchen, one of the latest reality shows (Gordon Ramsay bloody rocks), finished it’s current season.  Not first food reality show (others including “The Restaurant”, “Into the Fire”, and even “Iron Chef”, depending on what you call “reality”).  And it looks like America’s TV food fetish is just beginning, what with the new sitcom Kitchen Confidential starting this fall (both shows on Fox … coincidence?).  I’m curious what Anthony Bourdain thinks of it (though I’d rather see a show based on Tony’s book, but somehow I don’t think it would have made prime time) … but I digress … today’s subject is reality television.

Now, I find reality television as amusing as the next person (when I have/find time to watch it, usually by accident), and I’ve fought like mad to keep from becoming an addict (I will admit that I really got into Rocco DiSpirito’s “The Restaurant” … for awhile, then it I found myself thinking Rocco an arrogant … well, anyway … I’m digressing again) …

… but I’m afraid that I can’t help myself:  I found myself cooking up the next great American reality series:

Working TitleRoyal Flush

Concept:  One of the greats of Texas Hold’em (Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Chris Moneymaker) take on a cadre of gambler wannabes from a variety of backgrounds (schoolteacher, truckdriver, computer programmer, priest, etc.), challenging them as they’re taught how to be the next great Hold’em champion.  The last man standing wins a seat at the table at the World Series of Poker.

Why not?  We’ve had chefs, boxers, bug-eaters, billionaires, executives, sports agents, and Hiltons (to name a few).  Why not poker players?

Just remember: you heard it here first.