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William Walter: 1926 — 2012

I just returned from my second funeral so far this year, this one for my other uncle who succumbed to Parkinson’s last weekend.  Having 2 “Uncle Bill”‘s in the family may seem confusing at first, but it was easily rectified with the creative application of occupational title:  “Uncle Bill” was my mother’s brother (the deputy sheriff), while “Dr. Bill” was my dad’s brother.  And he was, indeed a doctor, of the “old school” variety: a “GP” or “General Practitioner”.  In short, he was a family doctor … heck, he was our family’s doctor.

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William Kelm: 1941 – 2012

My parents called this afternoon, with the news that my uncle had passed away.  He’d been battling illness for some time but, ultimately, his body gave out.  Sudden, but peaceful.  While I’m sad for his passing, I’m relieved that his suffering is finally over.  I’ll leave the obituary writers to offer all the genealogical details, and simply relate a couple fond memories of the man I knew growing up.

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