What a Trip!

Albert Hofmann, “the father of LSD”, died yesterdayat the age of 102! That’s one hundred two years old. Makes me wonder about these health nuts and what they espouse. However, that’s not the main reason I’m writing.

Think about this: It’s a common belief that, as you’re “crossing over” you review the events of your life … they “flash before your eyes”. In essence, you have a life-encompassing “flashback” as you leave this plane of existence. The ultimate trip, eh?

Now try this: One side effect of LSD use is the possibility that you will continue to have occasional flashbacks throughout your life, even long after you’d stopped taking the drug. Good trips, bad trips, didn’t matter. I had a friend who described his flashbacks as, “I’d be driving along and all of a sudden the sky would turn green, the grass in the median neon blue, and the highway a hot red. I’d be like … ‘cool … let’s see where this goes …'”. Anyway, you get the picture.

Now, here’s the final point to ponder: If your life of flashbacks flashes before your eyes as you pass, wouldn’t that set up an infinite recursion that would either:

  • Send you back in time, or
  • Make you immortal (since you wouldn’t finish passing until the recursion collapsed)


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Yep, I’m older, like a fine wine.

Today’s birthday number 45. Well, if 50’s the new 30, then I’m still in my 20’s. I’ve got that going for me.

I’ve received several eCards today from co-workers. Many of us are rigged up on Plaxo, making the process of remembering someone’s birthday ridiculously easy:

  1. You receive an email from Plaxo, reminding you of the upcoming event
  2. You click on a link to send a card
  3. You select the card to send, change the default text (if you really want to)
  4. Hit a button and you’re good to go

I love it, I use it, it works. Now … I’m not certain what to make of this, but every eCard I got today was the same template (and I mean EVERY card):

Should I be concerned?

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MN politics in action takes my breath away

Yep, they’re at it again. That wacky, madcap band of senators and reps in St. Paul are out to extend our 2nd Amendment rights, and finally give the sellers of ammunition a break (by increasing sales).

I’ve only one question: I thought it was illegal to discharge a firearm in the city limits. Does this legislation trump that, or do I still get charged with a misdemeanor after killing the frightening clown who was trying to give me a balloon animal?

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It seems like we’re focusing on the wrong problem

In his book “When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?”, George Carlin explains that “suicide bombers” aren’t really committing suicide: suicide is the result of someone believing their life is worthless, while these bombers believe the act of ending their lives matters especially if they can take someone with them (preferably an infidel or two). In reality, they’re more “homicide bombers” that get caught up in their own act of mass murder. (If you have an Audible account, get the audiobook version, as it’s read by Carlin himself and his delivery, as always, is hilarious).

Maybe we’re all looking in the wrong place, or in the wrong direction. In the past week, we’ve have 5 different incidents of “suicide shootings” within our borders … in our own schools. Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, and just yesterday in Illinois. The latest trend in school shootings is to shoot a video, go kill a bunch of people, then kill yourself. If that isn’t “suicide terrorism” I don’t know what is.

We’re so preoccupied with keeping people outside the country from coming in … are we completely losing perspective on what’s happening at home?

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And the Award for ‘Best Implementation of a Double Standard’ goes to the American Legal System!

And I’m not just talking about judges, lawyers, law enforcement, no sir! I’m including regular American citizens … specifically Minnesotans! Let me explain:

Supporting Case #1: PhotoCop

In an effort to cut down on people running red lights and causing accidents (like, for instance, the idiot that ran a light and crashed into a schoolbus injuring 6 people), Minneapolis installed automatic cameras at intersections that would snap a picture of any vehicle that ran a red light. The snapped license plate was then used to track down the owner of the car, who was sent a traffic ticket. Makes sense, and it netted the city around $2.5 million in fines … until people whined and a judge declared the system illegal: Just because the car was breaking the law doesn’t mean that the owner of it was behind the wheel and (therefore) should not be held responsible.

Ok … thinking about that, I can see that logic … to a point, though frankly, if you gave your car to someone who broke the law, are you really free from blame … even if only to be blamed as an idiot? And what if you gave your car to the same offender again? How smart does that really make you? But, I digress.

The point: Because you can’t see the person behind the wheel to verify that it is indeed the owner of the car, you cannot hold the owner responsible for anything that vehicle is involved in. Hold that thought.

Case #2: Jammie Thomas

In a recent decision by a Duluth, MN, jury, a woman was found guilty of illegally sharing music … to the tune of $222,000 in fines (I would have linked to the Star Tribune, but they’re expecting you to sign up for the content and I don’t tolerate those retarded games … nice one “STrib”, you loose to the BBC). Why so much money? Because the RIAA (AKA “Music Mafia Run Amok”) claims that the service they enlisted to track down evil music sharers traced illegal peer-2-peer sharing activity back to a certain IP address … said IP address being further traced to the computer in Jammie’s home. Can they prove that she either was physically sitting at the computer performing the illicit act? No. Can the prove that she set up the sharing software? No.

But, apparently, in this case, it’s not necessary to be caught in the act. That you own the offending machinery is good enough?

Say what? Doesn’t this strike you as even mildly contradictory? It’s ok not to be accountable when your vehicle potentially kills someone, yet woe be unto you if the RIAA levels a claim against you they can’t prove you physically did. I’ve always believed that the winters here in Minnesota have an adverse affect on the ability of humans to think rationally.

I can’t help but wonder what that Duluth jury was thinking … assuming they even thought at all about it.