Jun 26, 2007 - netradio, politics, riaa    No Comments

Internet Radio Day of Silence

If you believe, truly believe, in the RIAA’s extortion tactics, bald-faced lies, and petulant “we’re protecting the artists” statements … do nothing today.

If, however, you want to enjoy music the way you want to, not the way some overpaid, under-endowed media mogul wants to sell it to you, call your congressman today and get them to listen to the silence:

Act now, or don’t whine when the silence becomes permanent.

May 14, 2007 - observations, stupidity    1 Comment

Parking Ramp Morons

Ever have one of those days where you’re not paying attention until after you park the car?

Hmmm … looks kinda tight:


And, it’s not much better on the other side:


What to do? Simple … climb out through the trunk.

I think SUVs should be banned from parking ramps.

May 7, 2007 - stupidity    No Comments

Minnesota "Nice", as in "Nice job parking, idiot"

I tell ya, some people just have no appreciation for those around them:


I mean please. If you look in the lower left of the picture, the yellow you see below the SUVs bumper is the dividing line of the adjacent parking space. If there hadn’t been a cement post on the right of the car (giving me extra room to climb in over the stick shift), I’d have to have gotten into my car through the trunk.

Don’t laugh, I’ve done it before.

This is the making’s of a real good week.